Women deserve underwear that's cut out for confidence. Literally.

  • Andrea DeAraujo


  • Helo Rocha

    Creative Director

When the founder Andrea de Araujo and the Creative Director Helo Rocha moved from Brazil to Manhattan's Upper East Side, they had no idea that one of the things they'd miss the most was the underwear. Growing up in Brazil's fashion scene, they learned from a young age that empowerment comes from underneath. A little self-love plus a great pair of perfectly-cut, sustainably-made underwear can leave a woman feeling like she can conquer the world.

No matter where they searched in New York, they couldn't find an American cut undergarment that made them look, feel, or do as good as the Brazilian cuts they came of age wearing. With their higher cuts and responsible production methods. Brazilian underwear just delivers a combination of sexiness, comfort, and sustainability that's unmatched in the US market. So they founded Marietta Baderna to give American women the empowered feeling that only comes from rocking the Brazilian cut under your outfit.

As a celebrity seamstress and designer respectively, Andrea, Helo, and the Marietta Baderna team designed each and every Brazilian cut piece in the collection to seamlessly blend sexiness with comfort and sustainability. Making Marietta Baderna the foundation of your outfit means you'll look good, feel good, and do good every time. So cut out American underwear and see what the Brazilian cut is all about.

Marietta Baderna. Empowerment from underneath.